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Street Sweeping

Street sweepers are expected to service the following areas thru Friday, August 21, weather permitting.   Sweeping operations take place from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m., weekdays.  Sweeping crews strive to avoid sweeping a street on its designated trash and recycling collection days.

Central Zone 3:  Amesbury, August Light, Aver, Banneker, Barcan Circle, Beaverbrook, Beavertail, Beech Creek, Berrypick, Big Woods, Bishops Head, Bitter Sweet, Blue Heron, Bushwood, Butler, Castle Moor, Catterskill, Chase Lions, Claiborne, Cloudburst Hill, Columbia, Cottonwood, Country, Crimson Tree, Cross Fox, Cullen Terrace, Daravel, Darlington, Darting Bird, Davidge, Dawn Marie, Daystar, Dorsch Farm, Dower, Downwest Ride, Durham, Durham East, Durham West, Evening Wind, Fable, Faulkner Ridge, Flattail, Flowertuft, Fox Grape Terrace, Freshaire, Gaither Farm, Gloucester, Good Hours, Goodbody, Governor Warfield Parkway, Gray Owl Garth, Greek Boy, Green Bough, Green Dory, Green Mountain, Gulf Stream Row, Hayload, Hermit Path, Hidden Fox, High Tide, Homecoming, Hunters View, Hyla Brook, Jason, Lake, Lake West, Leaf Treader, Little Patuxent, Lynngate, Lynx, Manor, Marble Fawn, May Wind, Midsummer, Moonfall, Morning Glory, Morning Wind, New Moon, Nightmist, Olde Woods, Open Run, Open Sky, Oven Bird Green, Painted Cup, Pale Orchis, Pasture Gate, Placid Lake, Rain Dream Hill, Reedy Brook, Rivulet Row, Setter, Silas Choice, Snowy Reach, South Entrance, Spotted Horse, Spring Pools, Starsplit, Steeple Chase, Still Corners, Stone Boat, Tarkington, Teal, Ten Mills, The Bridle Path, The Mending Wall, Thicket, Tolling Clock, Trumpeter, Vantage Point, Waterfowl Terrace, West Running Brook, Whetstone, Wild Flower, Wild Turkey, Wilde Lake, William Tell, Wincopin, Windstream, Winter Thicket, Woodenhawk, Woodham, Woodward Gardens.

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