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Sweet Gum Balls – Hazardous to Your Health?

Love the sweet gum trees; hate the gumballs? You are not alone. Those beautiful sweet gum trees that line our streets also drop hazardous gumballs into our yards, onto the sidewalks and street curb gutters. These gumballs can be a trip hazard and can clog storm drains, so be diligent in removing them from the property promptly. Please be aware that it is the adjacent resident’s responsibility to clean up and remove the gumballs from the sidewalks and street curb gutters, even if the tree is located in front of a neighbor’s property.

Curbside yard waste collection begins on April 1, 2016 and the County will collect, free of charge, an unlimited number of bags of yard waste from each property on your recycling day. Please remember that the County only collects yard waste in paper bags, open containers or bins – NO plastic bags will be collected. Place the containers out the evening prior to your recycling day to ensure you do not miss that early morning pick-up.

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