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Columbia Association

Columbia Association

Columbia Association (CA) is a nonprofit service corporation that manages Columbia, MD, home to approximately 100,000 people. Columbia was founded in 1967 by James Rouse and his Howard Research and Development Company. Rouse sought to build a complete city that would respect the land, provide for the growth of people and ultimately, make a profit. Call CA at 410-715-3000 for additional information or assistance.

CA operates:

In addition, CA maintains more than 3,500 acres of open space as a permanent asset to the community.

Neighborhood amenities include lakes, parks, tot lots, basketball and tennis courts, and 93.5 miles of pathways to connect residents to amenities.

CA offers many programs and activities for community members to enjoy. CA also works to encourage the community to embrace its diversity, not only in race but in age, religion, gender and economic status.

CA strives to ensure all of its programs and services are accessible to persons with disabilities and to all Columbia residents, regardless of income.

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