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Places of Interest

Places of Interest

Chestnut tree on Harper’s Farm Rd.  –  Located near Willowbottom Dr., this tree is one of the few surviving American chestnut trees. Chestnut trees were abundant in Maryland and throughout the Appalachian Mountains before being virtually wiped out by a blight fungus in the early 20th century. It is hoped that this tree will one day serve as a Maryland Mother tree in the American Chestnut Tree restoration effort.


Dorsey Cemetery  –  An old family cemetery containing remains of confederate soldiers. It is located on Harper’s Farm Rd. opposite Eliot’s Oak Rd.

Doughoregan Manor –  This historic landmark, registered with the National Park Service, is the ancestral home of Charles Carroll, one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. There is a boundary marker that dates back to colonial times located on Rushlight Path.

Joseph’s Square Fountain – Located in the village shopping center, this fountain is dedicated to the memory of John Joseph who was the first village board chairman in 1969.

Clark’s Elioak Farm and Petting Zoo – A fun place for the entire family, Clark’s Elioak Farm is the new home of The Enchanted Forest, a beloved County treasure.

Columbia Association Open Space – The Columbia Association manages over 3,600 acres of “Open Space.” Click HERE to learn more about Columbia’s open space!

Columbia’s Villages – Columbia is made up of Town Center and nine other villages.  To learn more, visit

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