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TO:                  HCCA Board of Directors

FROM:            George Cronin, Chair, Election Monitor Committee

DATE:             May 12, 2020

SUBJECT:      Village Elections

A Village-wide election was held on April 25, 2020; there were three (3) candidates for two (2) Harper’s Choice Community Association Board of Director seats and three (3) candidates for one (1) Columbia Council Representative Seat.  The total number of ballots cast did not reach a quorum.  As such, it was not a valid election. Subsequent to receiving the election results, Eileen Brewer and Debra Warner conceded the election; Rebecca Beall and Brynn Conover retained their seats on the Board of Directors. A special meeting was called on May 12, 2020 to determine who would serve as the Columbia Council Representative.  The polls were reopened until that date. The results are:


                                               180                  Alan Klein*

                                               141                  Ashley Vaughan

Total Number of Ballots Received for this Position: 382 (includes CA’s votes)

* 241 votes for Klein with CA’s 61 votes cast with the majority.

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