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A Letter to the Harper’s Choice Community

May 26, 2021

Harper’s Choice Friends and Neighbors:

Tuesday, May 25, 2021 was a very sad day for our community.   Someone chose hatred over love.

Many of our street signs, including our own Village of Harper’s Choice sign, were defaced with racist words.  The property in our community has been cleaned from this act of racism; the Columbia Association, the HCPD and other community servants have done their jobs and done them well.  But the images cannot be erased from our minds and hearts. 

These emboldened expressions of resentment should not be allowed to grow in our community.  What happened on Tuesday is an indication that our community needs larger conversations. 

This will not be the last communication that you will see from us on this matter.  We are beginning to plan structures and provide opportunities for our community to gather, to listen, and to deliberately reflect on our vision of Harper’s Choice as an exceptional neighborhood for all.

Yours truly,

Rebecca Beall, Chair

Harper’s Choice Community Association

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