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CA Rep’s Corner: June 2016

Dear Harper’s Choice Residents,


CA News[1]

The CA Board has been considering a new membership structure. This will be a huge change for CA, as we have had the Package Plan membership structure for many years. As it stands now, there will be no membership option similar to Package Plan. If you have Package Plan now, you will have to either upgrade to the Aqua-Fit membership or downgrade to the Recreation or Fitness Membership. (Package Plan Plus is roughly equivalent to Aqua-Fit.)

In designing a new membership structure, the CA Board wanted to:

  1. Create a less complex structure that is easily presented on the website and understood by the members and staff to improve the overall experience.

  2. Generate increased participation and market share.

  3. Provide market-competitive and flexible options for our customers.

  4. Be net revenue neutral during the transition period with regard to existing members and net revenue positive through increases in participation.

  5. Ensure Sport and Fitness allocation from the annual charge remains relatively flat year over year.

  6. Ensure the new membership structure is compatible with CA’s current membership management software, SNG.

  7. Continue offering a resident/non-resident discount and an income qualified.

(The CA Board is still considering the parameters for a senior warm water swim option, which will likely include the pools at the Columbia Gym and Athletic Club and will be priced higher than the Recreation membership but lower than the Aqua-Fit membership.  See below.) [1] Thank you to Andy Stack, Chair of the CA Board who wrote the basis of this sectionMembership Type Included Amenities Guest Passes RecreationAll outdoor pools as well as all outdoor and indoor tennis courts (additional fees for indoor courts).

Swim Center with Splash-Down, Ice Rink, Sports Park, & Skate ParkOne guest pass for use each month FitnessOne fitness club (all equipment & group fitness classes)One guest pass for use each month Aqua-FitIncludes Recreation Membership.

All three fitness clubs & everything in them (all equipment & group fitness classes).

Discounted green feesTwo guest passes for use each month Weekday Golf-RecIncludes Recreation Membership.

Eight-day advance reservations Unlimited green fees on weekdays, both courses

Handicap fees 7-Day GolfIncludes Recreation Membership.

Eight-day advance reservations

Unlimited green fees on all seven days, both courses

Handicap fees Golf-FitIncludes Aqua-Fit Membership

Includes 7-Day Golf MembershipTwo guest passes for use each month

You will continue to pay your current membership rate until your renewal date. At that time, you may opt for a different membership option or pay the new membership rate for the plan to which you were moved. Pricing for the new memberships will not be decided by the CA Board until late May/early June (which is after the date this article is submitted for publication). The pricing of the new memberships will be revenue neutral for FY-2018. Our goal is not to generate additional income by raising prices. We expect to raise the same amount of revenue for Sports & Fitness as in the proposed FY-2018 budget.

Current memberships will be converted to the most comparable new membership plan. As examples, Package Plan and Package Plan Plus memberships would convert to the new Aqua-Fit membership, Tennis memberships and Outdoor Pools/Swim Center memberships would convert to the new Recreation membership, and the Athletic membership would convert to the new Fitness membership. At their renewal date, there will be a phase-in price for Package Plan members who wish to maintain Aqua-Fit membership.

CA has a communications plan to roll out and explain the new membership structure over the coming year.

It is my deep pleasure and honor to continue to represent you on the Columbia Association Board of Directors as your Columbia Council Representative. I hope the summer finally allows the sun to shine on you and your family and friends!

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