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Capital Project D-1159 Beech Creek Drive Stormwater Management Retrofit Project

Howard County is preparing to initiate construction to retrofit the existing stormwater management pond located along Beech Creek Drive starting in late October 2017. The County identified that the infrastructure for the pond, which consists of three metal riser structures and metal spillway pipes, are failing and it is necessary to replace them. The existing stormwater management pond is a wet pond that maintains a permanent pool of water throughout the year; this pond will remain a wet pond after construction is completed.

The project will include the following components:

– Setting the limits of the construction site with orange fencing;

– Establishing a temporary pedestrian access way on the west side of Beech Creek Drive; for safety reasons, the sidewalk adjacent to the pond along Beech Creek Drive will be closed during construction;

– Clearing trees or vegetation as needed within the construction zone;

– Clearing of woody vegetation within 15 feet from the toe of the pond embankment as mandated by state requirement;

– Removal of the three existing metal riser structures and metal spillway pipes, and construction of a concrete weir structure to control the release of the water from the pond;

– Reconstruction of the pond embankment to bring the embankment up to current standards;

– Placement of riprap (stone) pads at the outflow of the pond and at the three inflow points to the pond;

– Vegetation plantings along the fence adjacent to the pond along Beech Creek Drive;

– Tree plantings within Cedar Lane Park; and

– Repair of sidewalks and curbs damaged by this project.

To shorten the construction time schedule, there will be two construction entrances. One will be along Beech Creek Drive adjacent to the pond and the other entrance will be through the north entrance to Cedar Lane Park from Route 108. Construction is anticipated to start in late October 2017 and should last to late February 2018, weather dependent.

Coordination with the Howard County School System was done to ensure that safe access to the school bus stops is maintained throughout construction. Howard County Department of Recreation and Parks was also coordinated with to minimize disruption to users of Cedar Lane Park.

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