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Common Area Trash Collection in Townhouse Communities

Most townhouse developments in Harper’s Choice have common area trash collection: a specific location where residents are required to place their trash and recycling for the county to pick-up on collection day. On streets where there is no townhouse association, the residents are expected to clean up the area once the items have been removed. The land, in cases like this, is typically part of the County right of way and is maintained by the adjacent homeowner. That said, all residents who use this area for trash must be responsible to help clean up when there is trash or debris left behind.

Here are some tips to help keep these areas clean:

  1. Use trash containers with tight-fitting lids; no loose bags or boxes of trash.

  2. Place recycling in the blue bins provided by the County. Need one? Call 410-313-6444.

  3. Follow your trash collection schedule – items should not be placed out earlier than 6 p.m. the evening prior to your collection day.

  4. When you collect your bins and cans, take a moment to pick up any debris that may be left behind.

  5. Ever hear of the broken window theory? It supports the idea that areas kept clean and debris-free encourage others to pitch in. You can help build a sense of community, one piece of trash at a time.

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