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Community Support Initiative

Dear Harper’s Choice Resident:

On Monday, December 8 from 7PM—8PM, the Harper’s Choice Community Association will be hosting an inaugural, community-wide, Community Support Initiative meeting at Kahler Hall.

The purpose of the meeting is to bring together residents, merchants, school principals, government officials and other interested and/or affected parties to discuss conditions at our Village Center.

Our Village Center is a vibrant, integral part of our community. Business is good, as evidenced by the lease of the final vacant retail space, bringing the Center to 100 percent occupancy. At the same time, there are also less than desirable activities that are taking place in our Center that require our attention.

While our law enforcement agency has taken an active role in helping to curb undesirable and/or illicit activities in our Center, they cannot do it alone. The same holds true for the property owners (Columbia Association and Kimco Realty), merchants, and your Community Association. We want to talk with you, hear your concerns, and encourage you to be involved in an ongoing, proactive approach to creating a safe and sustainable future for Our Village Center.

Please call Susan at 410-730-0770 or email her to let her know if you will be attending.

We look forward to seeing you at Kahler Hall!

Sincerely, Robin Procida Chair, Community Support Initiative

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