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Draft of CA’s Strategic Plan Now Available

Columbia Association, under guidance from CA’s Board of Directors, is developing its five-year strategic plan — which identifies goals and initiatives and sets the direction for CA for the next five years and beyond. The current strategic plan culminates with the close of Fiscal Year 2019 on April 30, with the plan for FY2020-2024 beginning in May. The community has already been a helpful resource during this process. CA has gathered a wide range of perspectives, surveying thousands of residents, as well as its staff, for input. Additionally, focus groups were held with village chairs, advisory committees, and other local stakeholders and leaders. A draft mission statement, vision statement and strategic goals have been developed and are available for you to review on CA’s website at If you wish to share feedback, you may do so on the website or during Resident Speakout at upcoming CA Board of Directors work sessions and meetings. A final vote by CA’s Board of Directors is anticipated for Thursday, May 23.

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