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Holiday Displays and Christmas Tree Recycling


We’ve enjoyed the festive displays of lights and decorations; please remember that all exterior holiday lights and decorations should be removed by January 31.

Curb-side Tree Recycling

County residents with curbside yard trim collection can place their tree out for recycling on their normal recycling day. Trees will not be collected on trash collection days in this area before January 15th. Not sure if you receive yard trim service? Call 410-313-6444 or click HERE to find out your curbside collection days.

Successful Recycling Pickup Tips:

  1. Set your tree out the night before. Trees are picked up by the yard trim truck as early as 6:00 a.m. or as late as 5:00 p.m.

  2. Remove all tinsel, garland, ornaments, lights, tree stands, plastic bags, etc.

  3. No need to bag, but trees must be cut into less than four foot lengths and tied. Each bundle must weigh less than 40 pounds.

Tree Recycling After Jan. 15

You can still recycle your tree at the Alpha Ridge Landfill located at 2350 Marriottsville Road, Marriottsville MD 21104 at the resident drop-off area M-Sat, 8am-4pm. Call 410-313-SORT (7678) for directions and more information.

As a last resort, trees may be placed out curbside for trash pickup. Please note: trees that are disposed of this way will be taken to the landfill and will NOT be recycled. If you choose to dispose of your tree in this manner, please remember your 4’s:

  1. tree must be cut and bundled into lengths of less than 4 feet 

  2. each bundle must weigh less than 40 pounds

  3. 4 items per week limit for TRASH. (UNLIMITED RECYCLABLES!!!)

Please note…it is illegal to dump trees into Open Space! If you see this violation, call 410-312-6330 or report via email:

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