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Host Family Needed for AFS College Student

AFS Howard Community College, English Institute is looking for a Host Family for Nathan Becker, an AFS international Exchange Student attending HCC.  Nathan is a very outgoing, 18 year old from France. He spends a lot of time with his friends playing sports and watching movies. His favorite sport is Rugby, but he also plays soccer. He is looking forward to learning more about Basketball while he is in the USA. He is very interested in becoming a sports journalist, and thinks that improving his English will help him with this goal. He is also very interested in History, and loves to learn about new cultures. He can’t wait to learn more about the United States. Nathan arrived mid August and has been with a temporary Welcome Family getting settled.

Host Families provide room & board, and treat the student as a member of the family. Host families receive a small stipend to help offset the costs associated with hosting. If you have a spare bedroom, and a heart for mentoring a young adult through this intercultural exchange experience, please contact Jenny Davis at for more information.

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