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Learn More: CA Considers Becoming a “Community Benefit Association”

Dear Columbia Community,

Columbia has been a unique place for more than 50 years, a community unlike any other in Maryland. Columbia Association has played a distinctive role in serving the entire community.

That role is why CA’s Board of Directors is considering requesting a change from the Maryland General Assembly that would classify Columbia Association as a “community benefit association” instead of a homeowners association (HOA) under Maryland state law.

You are invited to come learn more about this proposal at an information session on Tuesday, March 5 from 7-8:30pm at Wilde Lake Interfaith Center, 10431 Twin Rivers Road.

Columbia Association was established to serve everyone in our community — homeowners, commercial property owners, renters, business owners, institutions, and the many individuals who work in Columbia. In fulfilling its mission, CA provides far more services (including facilities, programs and activities) to many more people in a much larger area than any other HOA.

That makes Columbia Association very different than traditional HOAs. Unfortunately, those differences can lead to problems. Every year, numerous changes to the HOA Act are proposed, usually in response to an issue at a much smaller, traditional HOA. Many of these proposals would have significant, unintended negative consequences for CA.

Reclassifying Columbia Association as a community benefit association would distinguish CA from traditional HOAs and recognize CA for its role in focusing on the quality of life for the entire community in Columbia.

Nothing about CA’s operations would change, though. That is because this proposal would retain all of the protections for anyone who lives, works or owns property in Columbia. CA would still be required under its bylaws and state law to provide the same openness mandated by the HOA Act, such as the ability to attend and comment at open work sessions and meetings, and the ability to inspect and copy CA’s books and financial records, including salary information.

You can learn more at the March 5 information session. We have also posted Frequently Asked Questions at for those unable to attend.


Milton W. Matthews President/CEO Columbia Association

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