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Next Phase of Construction Begins At HCGH

This week, the next stage of construction began for the 48,000-square-foot addition that will bring much needed space to the hospital. The contractors are starting the necessary work to excavate the land outside the former Emergency Room entrance to create the foundation of the new building. The first step is to remove the existing canopy at the front of the ER entrance.

During the week of March 19, the contractor will be setting up construction trailers on-site. We anticipate more construction vehicle traffic at the hospital’s Little Patuxent Parkway entrance.

As you may remember, the addition is being built adjacent to the existing ER and will include a new observation unit and an inpatient psychiatry unit. The entire project is expected to be complete by the end of 2019.

The construction project includes:

· A new 48,000-square-foot addition which will add approximately 40 treatment spaces.

· A new ER entrance, waiting area and evaluation area to improve our patients’ experiences and expedite the flow through the ER and hospital.

· A new observation unit adjacent to the ER.

· A new inpatient psychiatric unit.

· Additional treatment spaces for pediatric behavioral health patients to address the unique and growing needs of adolescents with substance use and mental health issues.

· Enlargement of the adult behavioral health unit in the adult ER.

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