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Online Registration: October 2016 Red Ribbon Yard Sale

Please complete this form to register your street for the October 1, 2016 Red Ribbon Yard Sale. All streets in the Village of Harper’s Choice that are registered by September 23, 2016 will be included in online and print advertising. Stop by Kahler Hall before October 1 to pick up your red ribbon!

Participating Streets

The following streets are registered for the October 1 Red Ribbon Yard Sale. This list will be updated as streets are added:

  1. Celestial Way

  2. Fall River Row Court

  3. Grand Banks Road

  4. High Hay Drive

  5. Rock Coast Road

  6. Rondel Place

  7. Summer Day Lane

  8. Swansfield Road

  9. Willow Bottom Drive

  10. Wood Elves Way

Please call 410-730-0770 or email us with any questions.

Register my street for the October 1, 2016 Red Ribbon Yard Sale!

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  2. Street you are registering for the event *

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  4. Phone number *


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