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Red Ribbon Community Yard Sale

Check your closets, basements, and garages for those no longer used items to sell next weekend. YOU have the sale in your driveway, on your Cul de sac or in your yard. WE will advertise this Village-wide sale in the Columbia Flier on May 9; it has been in our email newsletter and on our website for several weeks. We will also place directional signs throughout the Village advertising the sale and you can pick up RED ribbon at Kahler Hall to tie on your street sign, indicating your participating street. Talk with your neighbors and get a few homes to do this together for more foot traffic and fun. Now, start gathering up items and be prepared to make a little cash! Click HERE to register your street for the May 11th, Red Ribbon Yard Sale. All streets in the Village of Harper’s Choice wishing to participate must be registered by Tuesday, May 7th. Stop by Kahler Hall by May 10th to pick up your red ribbon!

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