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Storm Damage and Other Emergencies

Due to the effects of Covid-19 on our covenant operations, we want to be sure that you know that you can take care of emergencies without waiting for our approval.  For example, if you have a tree that is on your property and is creating a dangerous situation, please submit an exterior alteration application as required, but by all means, do not wait for us to give you approval to remove that threat.

Columbia Association’s Open Space staff, while working on skeleton crews, will want to know of any dangerous situations.  If you see anything that gives you pause for concern on CA Open Space, do not hesitate to contact them at 410-312-6330.  If there is an actual emergency, call 911. Public safety officials will address the situation and will contact the appropriate CA emergency personnel if necessary.

On behalf of Covenant Advisor Debbie Nix and the members of the HCCA Architectural Committee, we wish you a safe and healthy spring!

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