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Stormwater Assessment Project


The two primary goals of this project are:

  1. To identify and prioritize drainage issues related to stormwater runoff; and

  2. To develop control strategies for invasive species in the MPEA.

Work will begin on June 11th and be completed before the end of June. During the project, you may notice a small field crew working in the MPEA.

Community Engagement

Results of the assessment will be shared with adjacent community members in the early fall. MPEF will host a community workshop in early fall 2015 to share results of the assessment project. The workshop will also include a number of demonstrated stormwater management practices that homeowners could voluntarily employ on their own properties to help protect the MPEA. During the workshop, homeowners can meet one on one with a watershed restoration specialist to discuss any specific issues or concerns they may have.  More information on the workshop will be made available to residents in the coming months.

Paula Jasinski CEC | 804.824.3945

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