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The Mall at Columbia HVAC Installation

This Sunday morning, January 27, The Mall at Columbia will be installing 12 rooftop HVAC units via helicopter before the Mall opens for business. The helicopter should be on site approximately 7-7:15 am and is scheduled to be complete by 10:00 am. This will not impact any residences or surrounding businesses. But we wanted you to be aware of what is happening as we imagine people in the area will be curious.

The Mall did do this for one HVAC unit two years ago and received no comments or complaints from neighbors. We still thought it considerate to let you know about this installation, especially given that it is Sunday morning – a time when typically very little is happening around the area of the Mall.

If any of you are Mall Walkers, they will not be opening the property on Sunday to any Mall Walkers until after 10:00 am. Nor are they allowing employees of the majority of their stores in their spaces until after 10:00 am. TCCA appreciates Mall management letting us know.

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