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We Asked. You Responded. We’re Still Listening.

On Monday, December 8, the Harper’s Choice Community Association hosted an inaugural, community-wide, Community Support Initiative meeting at Kahler Hall.

The purpose of the meeting was to bring together residents, merchants, school principals, government officials and other interested and/or affected parties to discuss conditions at our Village Center.

Residents of our community gathered to share ideas and discuss the needs and concerns of the Harper’s Choice Village Center. We thank Council Member Mary Kay Sigaty, Police Chief Gary Gardener and several officers assigned to our community, Kimco Manager Troy Brown, Safeway Manager Joe Bohns and residents of Harper’s Choice for sharing honest, candid, and valuable information that will help us create a better environment for our community.

We look forward to working together to improve Harper’s Choice. Please contact us with questions or concerns about the Village Center. And remember: when you see something that doesn’t look right, say something! Call 911. We are the ears and eyes of this community!

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