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HCCA Board Member Ann DeLacy

On behalf of the HCCA Board of Directors and Staff, it is with great sadness that I notify you of the passing of HCCA Board Member Ann DeLacy on Tuesday, May 2, 2023.

This was going to be Ann’s second time serving on the HCCA Board of Directors. The first was nine years ago when I was hired as Village Manager. Tuesday, May 2, was going to be the beginning of her second service on the Board and on behalf of her beloved Village of Harper’s Choice.

I met with Ann at Kahler Hall on the morning of May 2 to go over the specifics of that evening’s Board meeting. She was her usual happy and funny self and I am grateful that I was able to spend some time with her that day.

Thank you, Ann, for all of your service to our Village, The Town of Columbia, and to Howard County. You will be missed!

Steve Ingley

Village Manager

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